VIVE Location-Based Software Suite

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VIVE Location-Based Software Suite
two people playing in a VR arcade

VIVE Location-Based Software Suite

This series of powerful new software features for VIVE Focus 3 is designed specifically to enhance location-based services and training scenarios.

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Choose from multiple modes

illustration of person in 30m x 33m tracking area

Location-Based Entertainment (LBE) Mode

Large-scale inside-out tracking

illustration of person in 30m x 33m tracking area

In LBE Mode, VIVE Focus 3 can scale up single-tracking areas up to 1000 m² (33 m × 30 m)—about the size of 4 adjacent tennis courts—while maintaining smooth, free-roaming, inside-out 6DoF tracking with sub-millimeter accuracy.

More flexibility

You can designate spaces to cover a range of shapes and sizes. From smaller VR arcade booths up to large VR arenas and exhibition spaces—tailor them to your specific needs.

Any shape icon

Any shape

Create single-boundary maps of any shape.

Scale to size icon

Scale to size

Create maps with tracking areas up to 33 m × 30 m.

illustration of bypassing setup

Visual Odometry (VO) Mode

Scale up user rotation

illustration of bypassing setup

VO is the process of determining the position and orientation of a headset through headset-captured images while the headset is in use. VO Mode allows users to bypass the environment setup process so they can jump right into 6DoF experiences as soon as they put on their headsets. Quickly deploy LBE or VR-based training programs in different environments instantaneously.

illustration of VO mode to LBE Mode transition

LBE Hybrid Mode

Easy onboarding

illustration of VO mode to LBE Mode transition

LBE Hybrid Mode allows for a seamless transition between VO Mode and LBE Mode for easy onboarding. By using VO Mode, users can start in VR while still in the prep area, where they can set everything up and get acclimated to the headset. Then after entering the designated play area, they can switch right into LBE Mode for the full experience. This smooth transition enables higher throughput for a greater return on investment.

illustration of simulators and amusement park ride seats

Simulator VR Mode

3DoF to 6DoF simulation

illustration of simulators and amusement park ride seats

Simulator VR Mode is a unique 6DoF VR solution for motion platform experiences such as cars, training simulators, and amusement park rides. A fixed VIVE Focus 3 controller or VIVE Wrist Tracker is used to convert a 3DoF environment into a 6DoF experience, providing more natural interactions that help prevent motion sickness. The capability to track in low-light environments makes Simulator VR Mode perfect for closed-cabin training simulators and movie theaters alike.

Co-location made easy

illustration of one headset sharing a map with mutiple headsets

Map Sharing

Multiple users. One map.

illustration of one headset sharing a map with mutiple headsets

Share a headset’s room setup map with multiple headsets to achieve instant multiuser experiences where users can see and interact with each other in the same physical and virtual environment. Map Sharing not only eliminates the need to perform a room setup for each headset individually, but also saves time and resources—allowing for simple, quick, and scalable deployment.

With map sharing, all HMDs can have the same location reference points. However, to assign each HMD pose to the content side, a third-party backend service is required.

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illustration of different maps being easily assigned to a large number of headsets

Group Management

Multiple maps. Multiple headsets.

illustration of different maps being easily assigned to a large number of headsets

With the Group Management feature, different maps can easily be assigned to a large number of headsets through intranet Wi-Fi connections.

Marker-based tracking

What are ArUco codes?

Similar to QR codes, ArUco codes are easily reproducible visual trackers that provide unique ID points and extra position information to VR headsets in real time. ArUco codes can provide additional tracking points to reduce positional drift, and they can act as unique markers to align virtual scenes and assets with real-world environments for more immersive experiences.

ArUco codes
illustration of shared real-time positional data in a shared space

Marker-Based Location Sharing

Simple. Accurate. Instant.

illustration of shared real-time positional data in a shared space

With ArUco markers, VIVE Focus 3 headsets can instantly detect, provide and share real-time positional data in a shared space without extra input or additional setup procedures. Marker-based location sharing is ideal for eliminating the typical cumbersome setup processes involved with multiuser VR experiences—such as calibrating each headset from a specific starting point in the play area.

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Services & customization

LBE Environment Setup Support

To make sure you get the most out of the VIVE Location-Based Software Suite, our dedicated support team will guide you step-by-step when building your maps. Just send us your 3D models and texture designs, and we'll provide a comprehensive tracking risk assessment as well as suggestions for how you can improve your environmental setup.


The VIVE Location-Based Software Suite can be customized and integrated according to the needs of your enterprise. We will work with you to make sure you get the most out of the available features and options.

See what partners are saying


“VIVE’s LBE mode and untethered VIVE Focus 3 is the de-facto free roam solution to accommodate our arenas…We launched with it and the response from the industry has been outstanding. Additionally, VIVE’s map sharing features for co-location has been instrumental in getting customers quickly into gameplay. Quicker throughput has been key to increasing ROI for operators.”

Phenomena CEO, Awane Jones

VR arena

Zero Latency

"Upgrading to the Focus 3 has allowed us to stream PC-rendered content wirelessly, removing the need to manage bulky PC backpacks while improving the visual experience. With each headset provisioned and managed by one operating system, we have significantly reduced operational costs while removing complexity for both operators and players."

Zero Latency CTO, Scott Vandonkelaar

man wearing VIVE Focus 3 holding VR weapon in arcade

VIVE Focus 3 features

Get PC power on VIVE Focus 3 with ease

VIVE Business Streaming

Render more complex scenes and visually intensive applications with VIVE Business Streaming. Just connect VIVE Focus 3 to a PC using Wi-Fi or USB.

  • Wi-Fi 5, 6, and 6E* support
  • USB-C tethering
  • NVIDIA and AMD graphics card support
  • VIVEPORT and SteamVR™ content support
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*Availability and channel usage depends on regional regulations.

Versatile input options

Hand tracking support

VIVE hand tracking works with all-in-one (AIO) and PC-VR applications that support OpenVR Skeletal Input and the OpenXR Hand Tracking API.**

**Content compatibility required.

VIVE Wrist Tracker

This lightweight and versatile VR tracker is designed to work with the inside-out tracking capability of the all-in-one VIVE Focus 3. Wear it on your wrist for enhanced hand tracking, or attach it to real-world objects for tracking in a virtual environment.

Updates and new features

The VIVE Location-Based Software Suite is continually updated with new features and options to meet your needs. Check the More Features page for the latest information.

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