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4D Fun

4D FüN is a disruptive technology company rooted in A.I., specializing in virtual 4D performance production, volumetric capture, NFTs, spatial computing, TV, film, VR, AR, XR experiences, and gaming.

Entertainment | Custom Solutions | Film/Cinema | North America | USA

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5Discovery is the 1st platform of Softskills trainings in VR with modules like public speaking, negotiation, conflict management, leadership, inclusion, disability awareness.

Partners | Training/Simulation | Public Safety | EMEA | France

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5dVR - logo


At 5dVR, we specialize in innovative enterprise XR solutions. With a strong track record of successful project delivery across diverse industries worldwide, our expertise and commitment to quality are unmatched.

Training/Simulation | Healthcare | Education | EMEA | Egypt

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7invensun is a high-tech corporation dedicated in machine vision and AI, empowered by complete proprietary intellectual property rights.

General | Custom Solutions | Productivity | China | China

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8chili is pioneering AR/VR experiences for healthcare applications like patient engagement / education, pre-op planning, training and collaboration and intra-op image guidance.

Training/Simulation | Collaboration | Healthcare | North America | APAC | India

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Actimage GmbH

Actimage GmbH is an innovative software company based in Kehl am Rhein, Germany, that specializes in the development of customized software services such as mobile apps, XR, cloud and embedded/IoT solutions.

General | Custom Solutions | EMEA | Germany

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Adok’s mission is to bring digital content in the hands of field worker with easy to use natural interfaces. The French startup has made a business out of human machine interactions based on images recognition.

Design/Visualization | Manufacturing/Automotive | EMEA | France

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Agile Lens

Agile Lens is an XR creative studio that crafts immersive experiences for real and virtual environments.

Design/Visualization | Entertainment | Collaboration | Custom Solutions | North America | USA

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Agora is a leading video, voice and live interactive streaming platform, helping developers deliver rich in-app experiences.

Training/Simulation | Sales/Marketing | Collaboration | General | Healthcare | Productivity | North America | USA

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Arkio is a collaborative design tool that enables anyone to design interiors, buildings, virtual environments and more using VR, desktop and mobile to make better design decisions faster.

Partners | Design/Visualization | AEC | Productivity | EMEA | Iceland

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Arthur is a large-scale virtual office space provider that enables enterprises to meet, collaborate and work in VR. It empowers businesses to maximize productivity while embracing the future of work.

Partners | Use Case | Collaboration | Industry | Productivity | Region | EMEA | Germany

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ARuVR is the world’s first enterprise-grade platform to allow any user to build XR experiences and training by themselves, and distribute them at scale for both on-demand and real-time consumptions.

Training/Simulation | Sales/Marketing | Collaboration | EMEA | UK

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When travel is expensive or impossible, AVATOUR 360 telepresence lets you invite your clients, collaborators or coworkers to join a real place in real time

Training/Simulation | Sales/Marketing | Collaboration | Productivity | North America | EMEA | USA

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Awen Emotions

Awen is building revolutionary new virtual worlds to address and explore mental health solutions for CYP using ground-breaking XR technology.

General | Healthcare | EMEA | UK

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Axon is a network of devices, apps and people that helps public safety personnel become smarter and safer.

Training/Simulation | Public Safety | Education | North America | USA

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BeFootball is dedicated to offering immersive soccer experiences through virtual reality. An exciting and innovative way to enjoy this sport through its three verticals: IMSoccer, Enjoy, and Train.

Entertainment | Sports/Fitness | Location Based Entertainment | EMEA | Spain

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Beyond Real

Next generation white boarding & seamless co-working

Training/Simulation | Collaboration | Real Estate | Manufacturing/Automotive | EMEA | Switzerland

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BIGLOOK360 provides innovative and engaging 360 VR video content and immersive solutions from conceptual design to delivery.

Sales/Marketing | Entertainment | General | Education | Custom Solutions | Film/Cinema | North America | USA

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Bit Space Development is an interactive digital media studio that specializes in creating innovative learning experiences for the classroom and workplace.

Training/Simulation | AEC | North America | Canada

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Bodyswaps is an award-winning immersive learning platform designed to deliver lasting behavioural change.

Training/Simulation | Education | EMEA | Spain | UK

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LOGO_Dark (7) (002)

Born Studios

Born is a full-service immersive transformation pioneer that creates bespoke experiences and products for enterprises.

Training/Simulation | Custom Solutions | EMEA | UK

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BB_evolving_logo 400px (002)

Box Bear Digital

Box Bear provides VR-based B2B collaboration. VR TeamSpace fills the gap between Zoom & Face-to-Face events for engaging discussions without travel, then share with a global audience using VR Studio.

Design/Visualization | EMEA | UK

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Byker Biotech拜科

We are committed to software and hardware development in the virtual simulation field for medical education, related clinical training, and bioscience.

Training/Simulation | Healthcare | Education | China | China

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Changefied's gamification solutions for inclusive learning & serious gaming in the social domain. Our mission: inclusive growth for all, fostering confidence through engaging VR-powered experiences.

Training/Simulation | General | Education | North America | EMEA | The Netherlands

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An XR interactive entertainment, content design, and development studio. Experts in XR product creativity and interactive experience.

Training/Simulation | Entertainment | General | Public Safety | Custom Solutions | China | China

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CITIC (Universidade da Coruña)

CITIC is a Research Center at the University of A Coruña focused on healthcare and industry. Our research in VR is dedicated to advancing interactive cinematic 3-D medical visualization experiences.

Design/Visualization | Healthcare | EMEA | Spain

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Cityscape pioneer the use of immersive technology in the real estate industry. Global corporations come to us to join the metaverse, create virtual worlds and showcase their vision experientially.

Design/Visualization | Collaboration | AEC | Custom Solutions | EMEA | UK

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Clef Job

CLEFJOBIN is an EdTech which delivers end to end mixed reality training simulators for airline ground operations, that allows trainees to acquire knowledge and skills needed in regulated environments.

Training/Simulation | Manufacturing/Automotive | Education | EMEA | France

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An all-in-one content licensing, distribution and billing platform for VR and XR. Always in sync, always secure, always available through the cloud.

Sales/Marketing | Custom Solutions | Productivity | EMEA | Finland

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Recognition Media : Pioneering the XR frontier with our ClubMixed platform and GO CLUBBING app.

Entertainment | Location Based Entertainment | EMEA | UK

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Cognitive3D is a platform that records, measures, aggregates, and analyzes data from VR, AR and MR experiences.

Training/Simulation | Design/Visualization | Sales/Marketing | Custom Solutions | Productivity | North America | Canada

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Conquer Experience

PeriopSim has been developed in close collaboration with surgeons, nurses, educators and neuroscientists to ensure accuracy and realistic learning outcomes

Training/Simulation | Healthcare | Education | North America | Canada

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COREOD SPACE - Table du stand

Coreod Space

Coreod Space integrates AI, VR and Neuroscience research to advance and digitize mental health protocols. Initially designed for astronauts, our protocols are now accessible to all those seeking to enhance their cognitive and psychological aptitudes.

Collaboration | Healthcare | EMEA | France

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We are a company with our feet firmly on this earth, started 2018, we since have been working with military, police and emergency personnel. We believe in hands on training, foundation in science and best practice.

Training/Simulation | Public Safety | Healthcare | EMEA | Sweden

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CXR logo dark.png


CXR is an end-to-end mixed reality agency building cutting-edge experiences from concept to deployment. We help businesses modernize the way they work and discover new ways to engage customers.

Training/Simulation | Design/Visualization | General | Location Based Entertainment | Education | Custom Solutions | North America | USA

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Cynergi Health Partners

Cynergi Health Partners' unique, proprietary virtual reality software is used to painlessly minimize and alleviate symptoms of anxiety or pain with soothing imagery and sounds along with proven psychological techniques.

Partners | General | Healthcare | North America | USA

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DAWA Technology is creating the world's leading software and hardware tools and budget-friendly solutions for virtual production.

Training/Simulation | Design/Visualization | Entertainment | Location Based Entertainment | Custom Solutions | Productivity | China | China

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The DreamMaker series real-time animation system uses the VIVE Tracker, to create large-space multi-person full-body motion capture and animation content.

Training/Simulation | Design/Visualization | Healthcare | Productivity | China | China

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At Digitalnauts we make immersive technologies accessible to businesses by supporting and creating digital and virtual experiences for fast and secure deployment at scale.

Training/Simulation | EMEA | UK

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Dimension Studio

Shaping the future of entertainment, creating photo-realistic digital humans, operating state-of-the-art volumetric capture and virtual production studios

Entertainment | Film/Cinema | North America | UK

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Dreamland Maker is a comprehensive enterprise of Virtual Idol. Our business includes technique, producing, operation, commercialization and related fields.

Entertainment | Film/Cinema | Productivity | China | China

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EKTO VR - White BG Logo.png


EKTO VR is a technology company in Pittsburgh, PA that builds wearable robotics to enable the next generation of fully immersive VR experiences.

Training/Simulation | Entertainment | Sports/Fitness | Location Based Entertainment | Custom Solutions | North America | USA

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ElevateSolutionsGMBH BlauAufTransperent


Specialized digital training for security authorities and organizations (BOS). Tailored virtual environments and exercise scenarios to enhance system-relevant task forces.

Training/Simulation | Public Safety | EMEA | Germany

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Enscape interfaces with modeling software, giving you an integrated visualization and design workflow. It is the easiest way to turn your models into immersive 3D experiences.

Design/Visualization | AEC | EMEA | Australia

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evidential reality

Evidential Reality

Evidential Reality have vast experience in the criminal justice system, including being subject matter experts, production of 3D and VR models for crime scenes, and production of injury mapping for coroners’ courts.

Design/Visualization | Public Safety | Productivity | EMEA | UK

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EXP360: Cloud platform for businesses to create, manage, and share VR/360° content. Ideal for training, onboarding, product demos, healthcare, virtual exhibitions, and more across various industries.

Training/Simulation | Real Estate | Manufacturing/Automotive | Healthcare | Education | EMEA | Switzerland

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Eyesoft is a visual health innovative company. Our software combines virtual reality and eye tracking to improve visual health by studying visual behaviors and providing optimization of binocular vision & comfort. Our goal is to revolutionize the way

General | Healthcare | EMEA | France

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Advanced XR eye tracking data platform for professional training, simulation & gaming.

Training/Simulation | Public Safety | EMEA | Israel

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Facilitate is the intuitive and flexible solution that empowers learning designers to rapidly create, edit and manage their immersive content and trainees.

Training/Simulation | Public Safety | Manufacturing/Automotive | Healthcare | Education | AEC | Custom Solutions | North America | APAC | Australia

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Fennec Labs

Fennec Labs

UK-based Immersive Experience specialists with expertise in developing for Location-Based Entertainment, marketing, simulations, training and more.

Training/Simulation | Entertainment | Location Based Entertainment | Custom Solutions | EMEA | UK

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FifthIngenium is a high-tech company that develops and distributes Extended Reality products in the Tourism, Healthcare, Education and Manufacturing fields.

Design/Visualization | Real Estate | Manufacturing/Automotive | Education | Productivity | EMEA | Italy

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FLAIM_Australia-Logo BLACK.png

FLAIM Systems

FLAIM develops immersive learning solutions, in safe virtual environments, for training in hazardous and emergency situations – particularly fire.

Training/Simulation | Public Safety | Education | APAC | Australia

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Flint Systems

Flint Systems is producer of VR training simulators that integrate software and hardware to offer professionals immersive, career-specific training, with a focus on ports, logistics, construction, and offshore industries.

Training/Simulation | Manufacturing/Automotive | Education | AEC | Productivity | EMEA | Poland

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focalpointVR_6000x4000_black vr.png

Focal Point VR

Focal Point VR is a world leader in the field of immersive telepresence and VR video. Our platform is capable live of streaming immersive video at resolutions beyond that of any competitor.

Collaboration | Film/Cinema | Productivity | EMEA | UK

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Foundry 45

Foundry 45 is passionate about using leading-edge technologies to create better process training outcomes for enterprise clients.

Training/Simulation | Manufacturing/Automotive | AEC | Custom Solutions | North America | USA

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fracture reality

Fracture Reality

Fracture Reality develop JoinXR, the cloud streamed, self-serve, immersive collaboration platform empowering both industrial visualisation and healthcare training through cognitive digital patient avatars.

Design/Visualization | Collaboration | Real Estate | Manufacturing/Automotive | Healthcare | EMEA | UK

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FULLY IMMERSIVE MOBILE VR: Access VR videos, galleries, app stores and travel to places you never dare imagined.

Entertainment | General | Film/Cinema | Productivity | North America | USA

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FundamentalVR is a deep IP company working at the intersection of immersive technology (XR), haptics and machine learning.

Training/Simulation | General | Healthcare | Custom Solutions | EMEA | UK

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Futuclass provides chemistry and physics education in virtual reality for 13–16-year-old students. We provide the full solution including software, hardware and resources for the teachers.

Training/Simulation | Education | EMEA | Estonia

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Genhaosan is committed to the development of Metaverse and VR platforms for enterprises to create a new generation of websites in 3D/VR space.

Design/Visualization | Sales/Marketing | Entertainment | Location Based Entertainment | Productivity | China | China

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logotyp b giant lazer.png

Giant Lazer

Giant Lazer is a VR/AR dev studio providing training programs, advanced simulators, process and data visualizations, and smart glass applications for industry, education and marketing.

Training/Simulation | General | Manufacturing/Automotive | Education | AEC | Custom Solutions | EMEA | Poland

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Gimbal Cube

We are digital explorers, solution innovators, and reality makers. Gimbal Cube creates custom software solutions and cutting-edge interactive experiences across all platforms for businesses and brands worldwide.

Training/Simulation | Sales/Marketing | Custom Solutions | EMEA | France

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Glassbox Technologies

We design software toolsets that enable creators to harness the power of game engines and real-time, virtual production to develop immersive content.

Design/Visualization | Entertainment | Collaboration | Film/Cinema | Productivity | North America | USA

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Glue is a virtual collaboration platform for teams who need remote meetings to be as great as face-to-face meetings.

Collaboration | Custom Solutions | Productivity | EMEA | Finland

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GoE_ logo_horizontal


GoE Wellness focuses on improving people’s wellbeing holistically, through small steps. We do it by providing high-quality experiences and timely recommendations matching a person's needs and likes.

Collaboration | Healthcare | EMEA | UK

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Gravity Sketch

Gravity Sketch is a 3D design and collaboration tool that enables you to create cars, sneakers, characters and more. Express your ideas and solve design challenges working in 3D at any scale.

Design/Visualization | Collaboration | Productivity | EMEA | UK

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Groove Jones

Award-winning studio where accomplished artists and engineers leverage preeminent technologies and agile processes to develop smart solutions.

Sales/Marketing | Entertainment | General | Location Based Entertainment | Custom Solutions | North America | USA

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Harmonity Group

Harmonity Group is proposing a 360 offer. Our company is mastering VR and AR technologies. Our NFT collection is one more proof that we are at the top of our field. If you are about project delivery excellence, let's cooperate!

Partners | General | Custom Solutions | EMEA | Serbia

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Hiab is the world’s leading provider of on-¬‐road load handling equipment. The product range includes HIAB, JONSERED, LOGLIFT, MOFFETT, MULTILIFT, DEL, WALTCO and ZEPRO.

Training/Simulation | Productivity | EMEA | Sweden

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VR platform for communication skills training. The company's patented interface allows anyone to create custom VR simulations with voice interaction in a matter of minutes, no coding skills needed.

Training/Simulation | Education | EMEA | Russia

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HTX Labs

HTX Labs delivers immersive learning software to enterprise & government organizations, using XR tech & high-fidelity simulations to elevate the proficiency & preparedness of the next-gen workforce.

Training/Simulation | General | Custom Solutions | North America | USA

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Imaged Reality

Imaged Reality are the creators of 3DGaia, the first virtual platform for immersive learning and collaboration in Geoscience.

Training/Simulation | Design/Visualization | Collaboration | Public Safety | AEC | Productivity | EMEA | UK

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Imersifi is a leading VR software studio. Experts in CG environments, physics-based interactions, and user-centric design. Your partner for bespoke immersive experiences and solutions.

Training/Simulation | Healthcare | Education | EMEA | UK

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Immersion creates immersive and collaborative workspaces. A catalyst for innovation, an expert in virtual and augmented reality since 1994, and a designer of spaces and interfaces.

Design/Visualization | Collaboration | Productivity | EMEA | France

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We implement augmented and virtual reality technology in business and entertainment using all existing platforms.

Training/Simulation | Design/Visualization | Entertainment | General | Public Safety | Education | Custom Solutions | EMEA | Poland

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Immersive Factory

EHS training and events: discover the immersive platform in 3D simulation. Content, workshops, challenges, quiz to raise awareness every day!

Training/Simulation | Collaboration | Healthcare | Education | EMEA | France

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Immersive World 沉浸世界

Beijing Aegis Technology Co., Ltd is the biggest VR large space offline store management company in China.

Sales/Marketing | Productivity | China | China

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With real-time virtual surgery training, Immertec's VR platform removes physical barriers that deny the adoption of modern medical devices and procedures.

Training/Simulation | Healthcare | Education | North America | USA

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Inoactive Portal is an enterprise streaming platform for deploying XR, use cases include collaborative reviews, visualisation training digital twins and more.

Training/Simulation | Collaboration | Education | Custom Solutions | Productivity | EMEA | Germany

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Interforce System

Interforce System is a Ukrainian development company in the field of VR software and MR hardware tools for military and defense solutions.

Partners | Training/Simulation | Public Safety | EMEA | Ukraine

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Intracon logo 2016 (300dpi- RGB) -1454 x 504  Pixels (002)


Intracon specializes in immersive VR, AR, and MR solutions for commercial training, with over 25 years of experience and notable industry collaborations with major tech companies like HP, Stratasys or G+D creating innovative VR training programs.

Training/Simulation | Custom Solutions | EMEA | Germany

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INVRSION provides realistic, interactive VR experiences with a focus on FMCG, Fashion and Furnishing, allowing its clients to manage retail space simulations from an easy to use web application.

Sales/Marketing | Manufacturing/Automotive | EMEA | Italy

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Jungle VR


Jungle VR (since 2016), Jungle VR (since 2016): A large catalog of VR training modules in 6 languages, An HR Metaverse (Immersive intranet for employees), Bespoke VR & AR developments.

Training/Simulation | Custom Solutions | EMEA | France

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Kanda logo.jpg


Using Virtual Reality to make certificate training in heavy industries collaborative, engaging, and cost effective.

Training/Simulation | Collaboration | Manufacturing/Automotive | AEC | EMEA | Denmark

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Khora is an award-winning VR & AR production studio based in Copenhagen, creating cutting edge content within multiple application areas. Over the last 5 years they have produced more than 350 VR/AR applications and hosted more than 1500 events.

Partners | General | Custom Solutions | EMEA | Denmark

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An enterprise that runs through the whole industry chain of VR cinema creativity, research and development, content, operation and service.

Design/Visualization | Entertainment | Film/Cinema | China | China

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©Luminous Identity 2022-2

Luminous Group

The Luminous Group provide enterprise XR training solutions to the industrial sector through reality capture, our XR content authoring tool FLOW and our multiuser session scheduling app PORTAL.

Training/Simulation | Design/Visualization | Manufacturing/Automotive | AEC | UK

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Luxsonic Technologies

Our goal is to improve global access to healthcare through immersive technology. We empower the healthcare industry with affordable, immersive tools.

Training/Simulation | Collaboration | Healthcare | North America | Canada

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Magnopus forges design, art, and technology to create groundbreaking cross-reality experiences, plus products that accelerate the development of interoperable spatial applications and services.

Training/Simulation | Design/Visualization | Sales/Marketing | Location Based Entertainment | Education | Custom Solutions | Film/Cinema | EMEA | UK

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Magos is a deep tech company active in the advanced human computer-robot interaction (including haptics). Magos enables users to touch and feel virtual objects via their fingers just like in real life.

Training/Simulation | Design/Visualization | Collaboration | Manufacturing/Automotive | Location Based Entertainment | Healthcare | AEC | EMEA | Greece

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Make Real

Make Real

Award-winning immersive technologies solutions provider, with proven track record in creating validated & meaningful learning experiences & tools for global enterprise & entertainment sectors.

Partners | Training/Simulation | Public Safety | Education | EMEA | UK

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MedVR offers innovative simulator XR-Clinic to train medical personnel’s professional skills in a highly realistic environment without any risk to patients. It has >100 clinical cases and is expanding.

Training/Simulation | Healthcare | EMEA | Russia

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Mental is an EdTech company that delivers Virtual Reality vocational training content and solutions for leading companies in the Energy sector and is expanding include solutions in other verticals.

Partners | Training/Simulation | Education | EMEA | UAE

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Mentalista is a deeptech company created in 2017, specializing in brain-environment interfaces. Our goal is to empower everyone with a more instinctive technology.

General | Productivity | France

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Metalitix™: SaaS platform analyzing user behavior & engagement in 3D/immersive environments. Self-accessible & compatible with diverse development platforms.

Sales/Marketing | Productivity | EMEA | UK

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MIMBUS creates and distributes Immersive Learning Solutions for manual skills. Combined with VULCAN tracking platform, MIMBUS provides turnkey solutions for Training organization and workforce development.

Training/Simulation | Real Estate | Manufacturing/Automotive | AEC | EMEA | France

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MindPort offers enterprise grade products and services that help you go from first prototypes to global rollout with ease.

Training/Simulation | Custom Solutions | Productivity | EMEA | Germany

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MXT Reality

MXT REALITY is a technology company specializing in Virtual, Augmented, and Mixed Reality experiences for both B2B and B2C environments.

Training/Simulation | Design/Visualization | Sales/Marketing | Entertainment | Collaboration | General | Education | Custom Solutions | Productivity | North America | EMEA | USA

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Nanome is an immersive real-time collaboration platform for scientific discovery, changing the way we interact with science at the molecular level.

Training/Simulation | Collaboration | Healthcare | Education | North America | USA

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Negentra: Empowering businesses and individuals worldwide with cutting-edge tech solutions, expert support, and digital success.

General | Custom Solutions | North America | USA

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Netease FUXI 伏羲

We are bridging artificial intelligence and electronic games through transdisciplinary research.

Entertainment | Collaboration | Location Based Entertainment | Productivity | China | China

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Next World Enterprises

Next World is a virtual reality company, based in Brisbane, Australia helping induct and train employees safely and effectively through visually immersive realities.

Partners | Training/Simulation | Public Safety | Education | North America | APAC | Australia

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Neutral Digital

Neutral Digital is an end-to-end immersive content creator. With an unrivalled skillset, we leverage the latest in VR, AR and 360° video technology to do cutting-edge, awe-inspiring work — from marketing experiences to digital training and design.

Training/Simulation | Design/Visualization | Manufacturing/Automotive | EMEA | UK

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niit logo.jpg


NIIT’s goal is to help leading companies run training like a business, by maximizing the effectiveness and efficiency of training.

Training/Simulation | Public Safety | Education | North America | EMEA | USA

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NMY is a spin-off of the renowned Fraunhofer Institute and combines technical expertise and research partnerships to develop tailor-made training solutions and brand experiences.

Training/Simulation | Manufacturing/Automotive | Education | EMEA | Germany

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VR/AR/3D leader in MENA, serving diverse sectors including Real Estate, Manufacturing, Oil & Gas, Industrial Training and beyond. Dedicated to innovative, transformative digital solutions.

Design/Visualization | General | Real Estate | Public Safety | Manufacturing/Automotive | AEC | EMEA | UAE

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Non Nocere

Non Nocere is an education technology company leveraging VR to revolutionize how surgery training is conducted.

Training/Simulation | Healthcare | Education | EMEA | Germany

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Normal is the creator of Normcore, a low-latency, real-time multiplayer Unity SDK for XR. Normcore comes in Private Server and On-Premises flavors and includes XR avatars, voice chat, and more.

Partners | Collaboration | Productivity | North America | USA

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Nowords is a creative technology studio based in Barcelona, specialized in conceiving and developing innovative solutions.

Design/Visualization | Custom Solutions | EMEA | Spain

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OCTAV is an XR studio driving success through immersive experiences. Leveraging our expertise in VR, MR, and AR, we help businesses innovate, engage customers, enhance productivity, and drive growth.

Training/Simulation | Collaboration | Manufacturing/Automotive | Healthcare | Education | AEC | EMEA | Estonia

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We built the world’s most intelligent VR training software for healthcare. Our focus is on the rapid acceleration of human learning in medical education.

Training/Simulation | Healthcare | Education | EMEA | Switzerland

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OROI is a VR based therapeutic content platform, with wellbeing, cognitive stimulation and physical exercise content, tailored to the likes and needs of the elderly people, mainly used in nursing homes and assisted living facilities.

General | Healthcare | EMEA | Spain

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OutHere white logo.png


OutHere is a creative metaverse agency. We help organisations build platforms and magical experiences with the power to expand and supercharge the mind.

General | Custom Solutions | EMEA | Sweden

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Primitive is taking advantage of everything that collaboration in VR can offer while applying new tools for visually analyzing software in 3D.

Design/Visualization | Collaboration | Productivity | North America | Portugal | USA

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ProTubeVR provides VR accessories for private and professional customers. Our products range from comfort accessories to haptic rifles used in both gaming and professional/military training.

Entertainment | Productivity | EMEA | France

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Proven reality v1 (1)

Proven Reality

At Proven Reality, we create tailor-made solutions for our clients, offering unique experiences, high-quality products, and an incomparable perspective of the real world.

General | Custom Solutions | EMEA | Saudi Arabia

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Our expertise in XR and Robotics can help you accomplish any project through user experience analysis, technical studies, design and realization of prototypes or small series.

Design/Visualization | AEC | EMEA | France

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RAM Systems

RAM Systems

RAM Systems is an Engineering Capability Development Consulting & Training company that aims to deploy digital transformation with a wide range of integrated engineering solutions by Software & Hardware.

Partners | Training/Simulation | Public Safety | Manufacturing/Automotive | AEC | EMEA | Saudi Arabia

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At RE-liON, we are committed to help those who protect us succeed in their critical tasks. We offer solutions that enhance cognitive preparation for teams and individuals.

Training/Simulation | Sports/Fitness | Public Safety | Education | EMEA | The Netherlands

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The central headquarters for your team’s VR collaboration and team building. Including tools such as whiteboards, presentation rooms, and activities such as escape rooms and team obstacle courses.

Partners | Entertainment | Collaboration | Productivity | North America | USA

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Pain, Anxiety and improving Training are three problems that Rescape is solving today with its DR.VR platform within the UK’s NHS, Care-homes and Hospices for both patients and staff.

Partners | Training/Simulation | Healthcare | EMEA | UK

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The world’s leading platform for developing elite soccer players. Used across the world from academy level to World Cup winners.

Training/Simulation | Sports/Fitness | North America | EMEA | UK

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RIVR-logo_white background.png


RiVR provides VR hardware solutions and is a developer of VR and AR software and assets in both 360 video, stereoscopic video (3D 180) and photorealistic room scale interactive VR experiences.

Training/Simulation | General | Custom Solutions | UK

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Roundtable Learning

At Roundtable Learning, we partner with your organization to create one-of-a-kind training programs that utilize innovative technologies, reflect your brand, and show measurable business results

Training/Simulation | Education | North America | USA

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RCA.CSRC (002)

Royal College of Art

The RCA's Computer Science Research Centre pioneers research-led hardware and software innovations to deliver Immersive, Intelligent and Interactive experiences in a natural and intuitive way.

General | Education | EMEA | UK

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SB22 is an award-winning software development company with multiple industry first innovations that have pushed the boundaries of immersive entertainment. SB22 is one of the first to combine live 360-degree sports game video feeds with the ability to

Design/Visualization | Sports/Fitness | North America | EMEA | Serbia | USA

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Sector_5_Digital_LOGOTYPE_Black (1).png


S5D is an award-winning creative agency that helps companies transform their brands by creating innovative digital content in any industry.

Training/Simulation | Sales/Marketing | Entertainment | Manufacturing/Automotive | Custom Solutions | North America | USA

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SenseGlove Square logo


SenseGlove develops force feedback gloves that enable professionals to feel virtual objects and interact with them more efficiently. It allows to feel size, stiffness and resistance of virtual objects

Training/Simulation | Public Safety | Manufacturing/Automotive | Healthcare | Education | Productivity | North America | EMEA | The Netherlands | USA

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Sentient Computing

A software developer that specializes in providing VR Training, 3D Visualizations, Process Control and Automation Solutions for the mining industry.

Training/Simulation | Design/Visualization | AEC | APAC | Australia

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Shindiri Studio

Leading software dev company in VR/AR. Clients include Ferrari, Lacoste, Doritos, Bayer, Aramco Oil, and more. Experts in 3D modeling and VR/AR app development and metaverse.

Design/Visualization | Custom Solutions | EMEA | Serbia

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Shiny Box Interactive

A Houston-based software consultancy with an awesome technical pedigree, eye-popping visual design chops, and a focus on making our clients’ lives easier.

Training/Simulation | Custom Solutions | North America | USA

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Showtime VR is the creator of #1 solution for VR playback. The system offers location-based and online remote control. It is a must have tool for VR cinema, professional training, or classroom.

Design/Visualization | Education | Film/Cinema | Productivity | EMEA | Poland

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SIM Factor

SIM FACTOR offers innovative training simulation solutions with the use of virtual reality. We specialize in production of top-notch simulators for staff training mostly for the transportation sector.

Training/Simulation | Manufacturing/Automotive | EMEA | Poland

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We offer a collaborative approach to the training of health professionals, inline with the principle. “Never the first time with the patient."

Training/Simulation | Healthcare | Education | EMEA | France

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SkyReal develops software that uses 3D design data (3D CAD) to enable engineers to design, validate, collaborate, and train in VR.

Training/Simulation | Manufacturing/Automotive | EMEA | France

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SoWhen?, a createch company and official service partner of Unreal Engine, has been assisting businesses from various sectors since 2010 that wish to communicate innovatively in B2B/B2C.

General | Custom Solutions | EMEA | France

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An arenascale solutions provider and games platform for Location-Based Entertainment, integrated with the VIVE Focus 3's Location-Based Software Suite.

Entertainment | Location Based Entertainment | EMEA | UK

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SpectreXR is helping XR companies implement realistic physics-based hand interactions. We're bridging the gap between the digital and physical world, enabling truly immersive and more intuitive user interaction experiences.

Design/Visualization | Productivity | EMEA | Croatia

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Sphere is an augmented reality tool for modern professionals. It helps customers cut costs and grow revenues, breaking physical barriers with XR to supercharge critical apps and transform teamwork.

Training/Simulation | Manufacturing/Automotive | Healthcare | EMEA | Switzerland

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Sports VTS

Sports VTS is revolutionizing the world of sports training with its proprietary technology that creates Simulated Reality training experiences.

Training/Simulation | Entertainment | Sports/Fitness | North America | USA

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StaplesVR is an emerging technology company who specialise in virtual training systems. Our work spans across Aviation, Heritage, Construction, Military, Transport, Education and Entertainment.

Partners | Training/Simulation | Entertainment | Manufacturing/Automotive | Education | AEC | Custom Solutions | North America | APAC | New Zealand

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Stereoscape uses 3D/AR/MR/VR and interactive technologies to enable new, effective forms of interaction between people, products, and data. Saving costs, improving productivity, engagement and growth.

Training/Simulation | Sales/Marketing | Custom Solutions | Productivity | EMEA | Finland

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At Straightlabs, we're passionate about innovative virtual training that revolutionize the way we learn. By combining cutting-edge tech, scientific research, and hands-on experience, we create dynamic and enjoyable learning solutions that will engage

Training/Simulation | Education | EMEA | Germany

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Surgical Science Logo Standard on White Background

Surgical Science

Surgical Science is a world leader in the manufacture of VR simulators for medical training, which enable surgeons and medical specialists to train and improve psycho-motor and cognitive skills.

Training/Simulation | Healthcare | EMEA | Israel

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svarmony Technologies

svarmony is one of the leading providers of unique XR solutions such as aryve (indoor navigation), visualizer and avatar for international clients from all industries.

Design/Visualization | Custom Solutions | EMEA | Austria

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SynergyXR is a no-code, cloud platform that lets companies design, onboard, sell, and support across all XR devices without writing a single line of code.

Training/Simulation | Custom Solutions | Productivity | EMEA | Denmark

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Talespin is building the XR platform to power knowledge transfer and skill alignment for the future of employment.

Training/Simulation | Education | North America | USA

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TechViz software makes it possible to visualize in VR, without any conversion, 3D models from 200 CAD / CAE apps. Just open the model, don your Vive Pro 2 or Focus 3 and navigate your 3D data freely.

Design/Visualization | AEC | Productivity | EMEA | France

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The Glimpse Group

The Glimpse Group is a Virtual Reality & Augmented Reality Platform Company Comprised of Multiple Software & Services Subsidiaries Creating Innovative VR/AR Solutions

Training/Simulation | Design/Visualization | Sales/Marketing | Entertainment | Collaboration | General | Manufacturing/Automotive | Healthcare | AEC | Custom Solutions | Productivity | North America | USA

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The Rogue Initiative

We are fearless creators who use real-time development engines to build worlds, characters, and stories, native to Rogue and from other creative minds.

Entertainment | Film/Cinema | North America | USA

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Touch of Life Technologies

Touch of Life Technologies creates career-long education solutions for health care students and professionals. Our education and training solutions employ confidence-inspiring reality and cutting-edge visualizations that bring content to life.

Partners | Training/Simulation | Healthcare | Education | North America | USA

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Our technology provides immersive training, shown to have higher retention when compared to video tutorials, slide presentations, or other training methods

Training/Simulation | Education | AEC | North America | USA

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TriCAT is a leading provider of XR- and AI-based learning and collaboration solutions, from medical training to technical training environments and corporate metaverse solutions.

Training/Simulation | Collaboration | Manufacturing/Automotive | Healthcare | Education | EMEA | Germany

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TÜV SÜD Academy is one of the leading providers of vocational training and continuing education in the German-speaking world with more than 600 seminar topics in the fields of management, technology and health.

Training/Simulation | Education | EMEA | Germany

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We make collaboration smooth & easy for you to prototype interfaces, products, and design amazing experiences for XR and for the real world

Design/Visualization | Collaboration | Productivity | North America | USA

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Easly create virtual reality trainings without coding. Set up your scene, create logic with tasks. Just drag & drop assets and select the behaviour you need. Press Play and do trainings as single user or multiuser at different locations.

Training/Simulation | Manufacturing/Automotive | EMEA | Germany

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Valuart Studios

Driving the NFT cultural shockwave empowering creators, brands & collectors. Creator of HADEM, the Home of Art, Design and Entertainment in the Multiverse.

General | Film/Cinema | EMEA | Switzerland

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Varwin Education is a software based on Varwin XRMS and a simple to learn builder to create VR-applications which develops programming skills by using the Blockly visual environment.

Partners | Training/Simulation | Design/Visualization | Education | North America | USA

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Virtalis has over 30 years of experience in virtual reality and immersive visualization solutions working with over 300 clients in 55 countries such as Rolls-Royce, BAE Systems, and Ford Motors.

Training/Simulation | Design/Visualization | Manufacturing/Automotive | Productivity | EMEA | UK

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Virti uses immersive learning, artificial intelligence and game design to drive employee engagement, feedback on performance and enable employees to excel.

Training/Simulation | Custom Solutions | Productivity | EMEA | UK

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Virtual Method_Logo-04.png

Virtual Method

Virtual Method are a VR and AR Specialist Agency with over 10 years of experience building Virtual Worlds for leading brands. We specialize in content, cloud and platform strategy for VR in the Enterprise across a number of industries.

Partners | Training/Simulation | General | Public Safety | Manufacturing/Automotive | APAC | Australia

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Virtualware is the European leader in applying immersive technologies for industrial applications. The company's flagship VIROO is a VR as a Service (VRAAS) platform that makes VR accessible to companies of all sizes and industries.

General | Manufacturing/Automotive | AEC | Productivity | EMEA | Spain

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Virtuleap logo horizontal


Virtuleap combines neuroscience and virtual reality to help increase attention levels, and address cognitive illnesses, disorders, and learning challenges.

General | Healthcare | Productivity | EMEA | Portugal

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Virtus Tech is a Google backed virtual reality company which provides a no code VR platform for businesses to build and deploy their own virtual worlds for connecting, training and creating experiences.

Training/Simulation | Design/Visualization | Collaboration | Custom Solutions | Productivity | EMEA | UK

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Vobling has completed more than 200 immersive projects, developing premiere content with the latest technology – blending physical and digital experiences. Including release of award-winning solutions.

Training/Simulation | Manufacturing/Automotive | Education | Custom Solutions | EMEA | Sweden

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VR-All-Art Logo.png


VR-All-Art is a metaverse of galleries and museums that allows anyone to explore and create virtual reality exhibitions, as well as buy real art pieces through our VR application.

Design/Visualization | Entertainment | Location Based Entertainment | Custom Solutions | EMEA | Switzerland

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VR Concept

VR Concept is a universal platform for your engineering project in VR allowing to reduce time for 3D documentation analysis in half and identify 30% more critical errors, saving up to 30% on design and implementation budget.

Design/Visualization | Productivity | EMEA | Russia

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VRdirect is an enterprise-grade, no-code Virtual Reality platform that helps companies like Siemens or Nestle easily create, manage and share immersive content for training, communications, marketing and customer support use cases.

Training/Simulation | Custom Solutions | EMEA | Germany

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VRMADA is a full-service VR company that plans, develops, and deploys VR and AR applications that drive digital transformation and client success.

Training/Simulation | Healthcare | AEC | Custom Solutions | EMEA | Spain

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VRstudios is the VR industry’s premier global solutions provider for Location-Based Entertainment businesses. AMAZING FUN + SERIOUS BUSINESS.

Entertainment | Location Based Entertainment | North America | USA

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vSpatial brings your workspace to VR. Work in VR by connecting to your remote PC or virtual machine and get virtual monitors for each application.

Design/Visualization | Collaboration | Productivity | North America | USA

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Warpin takes great pride in creating immersive technology solutions that bring our customers to the forefront of digital innovation. Purpose + Design + Engineering = Magic.

Design/Visualization | Film/Cinema | EMEA | Sweden

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Revolutionizing QB training & evaluation while making top-tier training accessible to all. This is accomplished via our patent-pending XR platform.

Training/Simulation | Entertainment | Sports/Fitness | Location Based Entertainment | North America | USA

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We are cloud-based 3D visualisation specialists offering product-configuration and content-production solutions that enhance the car-buying journey.

Training/Simulation | Design/Visualization | Sales/Marketing | Collaboration | Manufacturing/Automotive | Custom Solutions | North America | EMEA | UK

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