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Go beyond VR controllers

VIVE Tracker offers endless possibilities as a robust, unintrusive solution for adding high-precision positional tracking to any associated real-life object.*

VIVE Tracker

VIVE Trackers make it easy to bring objects into a virtual environment, whether it’s a wrench, camera, or your full body.* It’s the ideal system for virtual production, simulations, and motion capture. And that’s just the beginning.

VIVE Tracker

Tracker (2018)

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VIVE Tracker

NEW Tracker (3.0)

Smaller, lighter, longer lasting

Tracker (3.0) features the same functionality and precision as Tracker (2018) while being 33% smaller, 15% lighter, and a battery lasting up to 75% longer.**

Tracker (3.0) also features a USB-C connection vs Micro-USB on Tracker (2018).

VIVE Tracker

Maximize immersion, boost productivity

Body Tracking

Track the physical presence of your entire body within the virtual environment. Capture full-body motions with just a few Trackers.

Accessory Tracking

Enable the tracking of real-world objects to increase the realism of your simulation or training experience.

Data Port Sharing

In addition to providing power, the USB port can be used to input controller button events.

Explore the possibilities of VIVE Tracker

  • Film Production

    Whether you’re working with virtual cameras and sets or looking for new ways to create character animations without the time and expense of traditional mo-cap. The high-precision tracking from VIVE Tracker is helping filmmakers capture their ideal shot with the latest in virtual production technology.

  • Sports Simulation

    Professional athletes require specific equipment to perform at the top of their game. Solutions like MLB Home Run Derby VR use VIVE Tracker to allow players to incorporate real-world equipment within virtual training environments to better simulate game day performance.

  • Professional Training

    Process and skills training require hands-on time with trade tools in order to increase performance. The team at FLAIM trainer uses VIVE Tracker to help first responders and civilians become familiar with the emergency tools necessary to fight fires of all sizes.

  • Location-Based Entertainment

    Ensure your virtual experience creates real memories by immersing users with full-body tracking and real-world peripherals. Equip guests with a virtual arsenal or track hands and feet to make leading VR arcade favorites stand out from in-home use.

Full-Body Tracking Accessories

TrackStrap and TrackBelt
by Rebuff Reality

  • Breathable elastic neoprene
  • Shock-resistant silicone padding

VIVE Trackers sold separately. Compatible with Tracker (2018) and Tracker (3.0).

Specs & Details

VIVE Tracker (2018) Specs

Tracking: Support for SteamVR Base Station 1.0 and 2.0
Status Indicator: LED
Input: Pogo pin
Charging: Micro-USB
Attachment: 1/4-inch UNC threaded mount (standard tripod mount)
Dimensions & Weight: ⌀99.65mm x 42.27mm; 89g
Battery Life: 4 hours**
Field of View: 270º

What's in the Box

  • VIVE Tracker
  • Micro-USB cable
  • USB dongle
  • Dongle cradle

VIVE Tracker (3.0) Specs

Tracking: Support for SteamVR Base Station 1.0 and 2.0
Status Indicator: LED
Input: Pogo pin
Charging: USB-C
Attachment: 1/4-inch UNC threaded mount (standard tripod mount)
Dimensions & Weight: ⌀70.9mm x 79.0mm x 44.1mm; 75g
Battery Life: 7.5 hours**
Field of View: 240º

What's in the Box

  • VIVE Tracker (3.0)
  • USB cable (USB-C)
  • USB Dongle
  • Dongle Cradle (USB-C)

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VIVE Tracker instantly expands the creative toolbox for VR developers. Talk with fellow devs, get answers to frequently asked questions, and read up on the guidelines for implementation. Start building unique, never-seen-before tools today.

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*Tracker compatibility may vary. Please check your product information prior to use.

Requires base stations and software (sold separately).

Requires USB connector on your PC. Number of VIVE Trackers in use simultaneously is limited to free USB connectors on your PC.

Compatible with the following products when using Base Station or SteamVR Base Station 2.0:
- HTC VIVE (only with Base Station)
- VIVE Pro Series
- VIVE Pro Eye Series
- VIVE Cosmos Elite

Compatible with the following accessory when using Base Station or SteamVR Base Station 2.0:
- VIVE Cosmos External Tracking Faceplate

**All battery claim results will vary. Battery life and charge cycles vary by use.