VIVE Location-Based Software Suite

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VIVE Location-Based Software Suite

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Tracking Features

Location-Based Entertainment (LBE) Mode LBE Mode allows you to create maps for VR arcades, arenas, or other large-scale training areas to provide free-roaming VR experiences for multiple players. You can set up LBE Mode with 6DoF tracking in spaces up to 1000 m² (~33 m × 30 m). Watch Video ›
Visual Odometry (VO) Mode Headsets don't need to be set up or recalibrated after each use, and maps don't need to be saved on the headset. 6DoF tracking starts right after players put on the headset inside the tracking area. Watch Video ›
LBE Hybrid Mode LBE Hybrid Mode allows users to leverage both VO Mode and LBE Mode for 6DoF tracking in large play areas (~33 m × 30 m). Watch Video ›
3DoF Mode 3DoF Mode allows VIVE Focus 3, a 6DoF device, to be used as a 3DoF device for greater compatibility.
Passenger Mode Passenger Mode is similar to 3DoF Mode, but uses a different method. Passenger Mode utilizes the headset's IMU sensor to generate poses using only rotational motion, preventing tracking performance from being affected by the physical environment.
Marker-Based Location Sharing Marker-Based Location Sharing allows players to share their location by scanning a physical marker, which is used as a positional reference. Watch Video ›
Marker-Based Scene Alignment ArUco codes align virtual scenes with real environments to create more immersive experiences.
Marker-Based Map Switching ArUco markers provide an easy way to quickly switch between virtual environments.
Simulator VR Mode Simulator VR Mode is a unique 6DoF VR solution for motion platform experiences such as cars, training simulators, and amusement park rides. A fixed VIVE Focus 3 controller or VIVE Wrist Tracker enables you to convert your 3DoF environment into a 6DoF experience, allowing for more natural interactions that reduce motion sickness.


Headset Grouping and Wireless Map Sharing VIVE Focus 3 tracking maps can be duplicated and shared with other VIVE Focus 3 headsets (in LBE mode) in the same group through a USB or Wi-Fi intranet connection. Enterprise users can easily modify map sharing settings and import configuration packages. Watch Video ›
Silent Command Mode for Full Integration Silent Command Mode fully integrates VIVE Business Console with third-party software through the VIVE Business Console API, allowing you to manage LBE Mode and map sharing configurations on VIVE Focus 3 while VIVE Business Console runs in the background. Advanced device management options are also accessible in Silent Command Mode.
VIVE Business Streaming Render more complex scenes and graphics-intensive VR titles. Just connect VIVE Focus 3 to your PC through USB or Wi-Fi. Learn More ›
VIVE Manager Use the VIVE Manager app to create precise, highly accurate maps of your environment quickly and easily.

Apps & Services

Space Calibrator Based on the open-source OpenVR Space Calibrator, the Space Calibrator aligns the VIVE Focus 3 tracking system with SteamVR so players can use a VIVE Wrist Tracker with various peripheral VR devices. Watch Video ›
VIVE Environment Scanner The VIVE Environment Scanner helps you find areas of your environment where tracking performance may be limited before you start creating your map.
Environment Simulation Service (Environment Pre-Setup Support) Send us the 3D models and texture designs you want to use, and we'll assess any tracking-related risks and give you suggestions for how to design your environment.

Customization Options

Customization Options Additional options are available for you to customize the overall user experience and installation process. For example, you can skip the setup process, disable virtual boundaries, and turn off controller hints.

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