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VR eSport Arena Chooses VIVE Focus 3 and VIVE LBSS Software

Location-Based Entertainment | Entertainment | Video

4 minute video

For those looking to learn more, read the case study to discover how Phenomena leveraged VIVE Focus 3 and VIVE's multiplayer free-roam software to generate reoccurring business.

Download the case study

Video Transcript—VR eSport Arena Chooses VIVE Focus 3 and VIVE LBSS Software

Welcome to VIVE Talk.

I'm Troy Wood.

Location-Based Entertainment centers like arcades, theaters, and amusement parks have adopted VR as part of their core customer experience.

This new era of gaming has turned weekend date nights at the arcade into a recurring hobby.

With over ten years of creating entertainment experiences, Phenomena has paved the way for Family Entertainment Centers to adopt new and exciting VR experiences to keep customers engaged.

Their latest offering is a turn-key VR eSports Arena that combines the core mechanics of eSports gaming with the immersive free roam movement that's exclusive to VR.

The games include everything from laser tag-like shooters to dance competitions, which blend the physical world with the digital.

The arena can be scaled up or down to fit a variety of locations.

There's also an at-home training option so that gamers can sharpen their skills on their own time, while the on-location arena provides the opportunity to compete against their peers.

Phenomena also hosts tournaments, leaderboards, and a streamed Twitch league that will cover their network of over 50 locations in the US.

For LBE operators, efficiency is everything.

Attractions need to be low-maintenance and easy-to-use.

Downtime is wasted time and in turn, leads to less profit.

Phenomena chose to use VIVE and their turn-key bundle because of the hardware capabilities of the headset, and the VIVE software solutions that make it easy for developers to combine the physical and virtual worlds.

The VIVE Focus 3 headset is at the core of this purpose-built LBE bundle.

The headset is natively all-in-one, meaning players can roam freely during their games–no wires attached, no wearing backpack computers, and no need for outside/in tracking.

Games can now be streamed from one central PC to all headsets in the arena.

This means less distraction for players, and fewer components for operators to deal with.

Player turnover is also an important factor to the operator's bottom line.

The faster that operators can get their customers in and out of the VR experience, the more profit they see.

The VIVE Focus 3 reduces downtime with swappable batteries, 4-in-1 chargers, and removable face gaskets.

And since arcade-goers can tend to be rough with the equipment, the headset is built with magnesium alloy–a stronger and lighter alternative to  the industry-standard plastic.

It's not enough for a company to make a great headset.

If you want to become the primary choice for operators and content developers, you also need powerful software solutions that are tailored to the specific needs of LBE.

The VIVE Location-Based Software Suite or LBSS, includes a console for managing content, hardware, and deployment.

Operators can enable Wi-Fi map sharing for all headsets, instantly bringing players into a shared virtual environment of up to 1,000 square meters.

The suite also includes a number of features to reduce complexity and downtime, and is compatible with VR content streaming and hand, wrist, and object tracking.

A new era in gaming entertainment is happening now thanks to innovators like Phenomena, who are building powerful and immersive experiences with VIVE's all-in-one headsets and tailored LBE features.

This means less work, and more revenue for Family Entertainment Centers and more fun for their customers.