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VIVE Business Streaming - 1.07.6a - Beta

Released March 10 th 2022

Enable hand tracking to PC VR

PC VR contents could now enjoy Focus 3 hand tracking with OpenVR Skeleton Input or OpenXR hand tracking.
No additional porting effort is required. We provided a very easy way to switch between controller and hand interaction by simply pick up or put down the controllers.
VBS also supports pinch gesture as controller trigger button, so that you could play various VR contents with just hands starting today.

VIVE Wrist Tracker

VBS now supports VIVE Wrist Tracker in two modes.

  • One is the pure hand tracking to improve the tracking quality as it is on Focus 3 to PC VR contents. The buttons on Wrist Tracker could be used to open Dashboard and application menu to better playing content with hands.
  • The other mode is to emulate as VIVE Tracker to PC VR. In other words, Focus 3 + Vive Wrist Tracker via VBS is now directly supports PC contents with VIVE Tracker.

Improve USB streaming performance

We are now supporting USB2.0 USB connection, and improved wired connection for higher bitrate and lower latency in 1.07. *Latest Focus 3 firmware 3.0.999.368 is required

Improved wireless streaming experience

In VBS 1.07, we made it easier to establish wireless connection by providing a tool to config dedicated PC IP for wireless streaming. We also added an option on console that allows automatically connect back to the last connected computer. It makes wireless VBS seamlessly connect as you launch VBS app inside the VRS Library.

We also improved wireless compatibility in 1.07. Now VBS can adaptively monitor for unstable connection and change transmission setting adaptively.


VBS Console – 1.07.6a

  • New Settings
    • Disable microphone
    • Hand tracking
      Worked with OpenVR Skeleton Input applications and OpenXR hand tracking applications
    • Vive Wrist tracker
      It could be used for hand tracking or for emulated as VIVE Tracker
    • Automatically connect to last connected computer
    • [Experimental] TCP mode
  • Support bitrate up to 200Mbps.
  • Support VIVE Wrist Tracker.
  • Support USB streaming via USB 2.0 (latest Focus 3 firmware 3.0.999.368 is required)
  • Support to set dedicate IP for wireless streaming.
    Tool can be found inside VBS installed directory under RR Tools
  • Encrypt Audio and microphone data.
  • Improve USB streaming performance. USB streaming now works with USB 2 connection.
  • Improve experience with revised SteamVR launch/terminate commands.
  • Fixed TheLab scene changing is not smooth with NVIDIA graphics cards.
  • Fixed an issue that SteamVR play area could be incorrect.

VBS Client ( - Be sure to update through VIVE Business App Store, some of the changes require the latest client version

  • Support Focus 3 hand tracking.
    • Hand pinch can be interpreted as controller trigger.
  • Support VIVE Wrist Tracker.
  • When using for hand tracking,
    • Hand pinch can be interpreted as controller trigger.
    • Left hand Wrist Tracker system button to open SteamVR Dashboard
    • Left hand Wrist Tracker app button mapped to controller ‘Y’.
    • Right hand Wrist Tracker app button mapped to controller ‘B’.
  • Automatically connect to last connected IP for wireless streaming. (Need to enable via console)
  • Encrypt Audio and microphone data.
  • Fixed Sharpening failure issue to cause white image.
  • Support color adjustment post-processing. (Available in Enterprise Mode)
  • Support pass-through mode and Silent mode. (Available in Enterprise Mode)
You can provide feedback and discuss the update over in our Forums