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Area 3 - Securing the Equipment

Area 3 is at the far end of the rooftop. The trainee will spawn in the center of this area, tethered to a short rail. There are 3 open sides to this area with lifelines that the trainee can hook onto. There are several drums lying around the scene, with tools (2 hammers, 1 file, and 1 screwdriver) strewn about on them.

The following will be appear:

Go to the first destination circle to proceed. Reach for and pick up the 4 construction equipment items and store them away by placing them in proper containers.

To safely navigate to the blue destination circle by the drum, the trainee must attach to a lifeline and slide along it. However, they must first unhook from the short rail they are tethered onto and hook onto any of the lifelines using the lanyard.

If the lanyard is dropped from the rooftop, it will respawn attached to the short railing. Once the trainee reaches the blue destination circle, a positive beep is heard, and the destination circle disappears.

The following will be appear:

Reach and pick up the construction item by pressing and holding your index finger, don’t drop it. Secure it by putting it into the box.

The trainee must pick up each of the four tools found in this area, and place them into one of three boxes on the drums, while secured by a lanyard. If any items are dropped from the rooftop, they are lost.

After securing items in the boxes, the text on the screen reads:

Continue to secure the equipment.

Items left to secure: X

X is the number of tools remaining, and updates each time a new tool is secured. When all 4 tools have been secured, the following text appears on screen:

Great job!

If the trainee dropped any of the items of the rooftop, the following text appears instead:

Lesson Completed, but you dropped some items.

The lesson is over and the trainee is returned to the main hub after few seconds, where they can see their score on the console. The following will appear, with each setup marked as GOOD in green or BAD in red:

Equipment Retrieval Completed, Letter Grade (A - F)
Selected Good Gear GOOD/BAD
Did Not Die GOOD/BAD
Did Not Fall GOOD/BAD
Returned with Lanyard GOOD/BAD
Cleared Path GOOD/BAD
Secured on Cherry Picker GOOD/BAD
Secured While Walking GOOD/BAD
Secured While Retrieving GOOD/BAD
Retrieved All Equipment GOOD/BAD
Press STOP to go back to the main menu
Letter grades are based on the number of failed setups:
  • 0 - 1 bad = A
  • 2 - 3 bad = B
  • 4 - 5 bad = C
  • 6 - 7 bad = D
  • 8+ bad = F

Success Conditions for Actions

  • Selected Good Gear - Trainee chooses the correct undamaged gear from the locker.
  • Did Not Die - Trainee does not fall off the rooftop.
  • Did Not Fall - Trainee does not step on the broken plank.
  • Returned with Lanyard - Trainee returns with a lanyard attached to their harness.
  • Cleared Path - Trainee picks up and secures paint can from the catwalk.
  • Secured on Cherry Picker - Trainee secures themselves to the cherry picker railing.
  • Secured While Walking - Trainee secures themselves to the lifeline while crossing the catwalk.
  • Secured While Retrieving - Trainee secures themselves to the lifeline while retrieving items.
  • Retrieved All Equipment - Trainee places all 4 items into the boxes, without dropping any.
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