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About Factory Site

Similar to Lesson Three from Fall Protection and Confined Space, this lesson will build on what the trainee learned in lessons one and two, and add supplemental training with a real-world scenario. The trainee chooses the appropriate PPE, including a radio and a wrench, and then proceeds to the Factory Site. They will service a pump with 2 energy sources, notify affected employees, and identify machinery that requires Lockout/Tagout. Once identified, they must choose the correct Lockout/Tagout devices and apply them to potential hazards.

The trainee starts in the Main Hub, with a console in front of them, the door to the Factory to their left, and the locker to their right. The following appears on the console screen:

In this lesson you will be placed in a real world situation and will need to use all that you have learned to stay safe. Approach and service a pump located in an industrial processing plant. Press start to begin.

When they press START, the following appears on the console screen:

Take everything you might need to stay safe while servicing the pump. You will need to equip a radio and a wrench before proceeding.

The following items will appear in the locker:
  • 2 dust masks
  • 2 pairs of goggles
  • 2 hardhats
  • 1 tag
  • 1 switch lock
  • 1 valve lock
  • 2 pairs of gloves

The trainee will need to choose a good radio and a good wrench from the locker and equip it on their body.

The following will appear on the console screen:

Walk over to the door on the left to start the lesson.

If the trainee has not chosen the appropriate PPE, and approaches the Factory Site door, the door flashes red, remains locked, and a warning sound plays. Once the trainee chooses the appropriate gear, they may proceed to the Factory Site by approaching the Factory Site door, reaching for the door with their hands, and pressing the trigger.

At the Factory Site, the trainee will be presented with a scenario requiring them to correctly execute a sequence of safety procedures:
  1. Use radio to notify affected employees.
  2. Turn off the Power Switch, and turn off Circuit Breaker Switch 3, then LoTo.
  3. Confirm electrical power source is turned off.
  4. Releases any residual energy, and check gauges for pressure on the pump to verify all energy sources are down.
  5. Service the pump with the wrench tool.
  6. Remove LoTo, and open main and residual pressure valve.
  7. Remove LoTo and turn on Circuit Breaker Switch 3.
  8. Notify coworkers that work is done.
  9. Power on the pump by pressing the power button.

Area 1 - Hydraulic Pump

The trainee appears at the factory site in front of a sign that reads: Shut down the pump. Service it. Power it back on. Remember to do correct procedures to keep yourself and your coworkers safe.

There is a hydraulic pump to their left with a power switch. The pump is on and pump noise sounds play. There is also a pressure gauge on the pump which reads 60 psi, and the number 3 on the pump itself. There is a locker behind the trainee with 2 valve locks, 2 switch locks, and 4 tags. There is also a table to the right with an open tool box, a door next to it with a sign that reads Notice/electrical room.

Area 2 - Electrical Panels

The room with the electrical panel contains 4 switches, which are labeled 1 - 4 against the back wall. There is a cabinet to its left, with 2 valve locks, 2 switches, and 4 tags. The door in this room leads back out to Area 1.

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